ESALA Declares at workshop on academia and climate disruption

Poster for Prague workshop

ESALA Declares member Michelle Bastian will be an invited speaker at “Academic Institutions and Communities in the Times of Ecological and Climate Disruption: Part of the Problem or the Solution?” in Prague on the 31st of October. She will be discussing our work in the group so far and also reporting on the redesign of the Temporal Belongings International Conference series into a #flyingless event. In keeping with our commitment to rethink the carbon impacts of our research activities, Michelle will be presenting remotely.

From the workshop description:

Academically produced knowledge is crucial for identifying and understanding the planet’s unfolding ecological condition, as well as devising possible strategies for coping. These strategies might not only point to technological but also social innovation and change. At the same time, academic communities need to critique and modify their own practices, standards, and expectations in order to reduce their harmful environmental impacts. This includes reconsidering the modes and intensity of travelling, and use of energy and other resources, including waste management. Not only could such practical changes significantly and positively shape the planet’s emerging ecological state, but they could also add to the public authority of science when researchers and institutions call for societal action.