Event: Why Aren’t We Planting More Trees?

A discussion hosted by ESALA Declares. 6th of November, 18:00-20:00, Adam House Basement Lecture Theatre, Chambers Street.

Increasing tree cover is widely recognised to be one of the most effective ways to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Billions of new trees will be needed, however, they cannot be introduced just anywhere, or without considering the complex socio-ecological contexts surrounding the protection, regeneration and planting of woodland. Our second ESALA Declares event will ask what issues landscape architects and architects need to be more aware of in order to support the expansion of tree cover, woodlands and forests at a local and global scale. With growing interest in wood as a sustainable building material, including new timber-framed high rises such as the University of British Columbia‚Äôs 18 story Brock Commons, speakers will also address how this increased demand for timber could complicate the issue further.